Durst & Bersin LLP is a limited partnership of expert lawyers, practicing in the areas of personal injury, criminal law, civil rights, matrimonial, domestic relations, and family law.

Lawyers from our office have been representing seriously injured clients since 1977. Our lawyers have served as district attorneys, in the chambers of federal and state judges, and as court appointed law guardians.

If you have a serious situation involving your family, your liberty, or your physical condition, we will use all our skills and experience to find every possible way to help you.

The Street Lawyers

We set up our mobile office at 125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. in Harlem.  We set up on the street, and answer questions from people who know us as the "Street Lawyers".  We answer questions from about 100 people every day, concerning their housing, welfare benefits, criminal cases, inheritance rights, landlord neglect, and every other kind of imaginable problem. 

We enjoy being able to solve problems.  We like to see if they can "stump the lawyer" by presenting a problem that we cannot solve through our network of lawyers.  At a minimum, we try to send them off with something positive in their mind to focus on.

We also participate as speakers in frequent symposiums in Harlem on various legal and political issues.  We are very involved in the political and social environment of Harlem, which is to us the capital of the black American. Often, we are the only white people on a panel and in a room. 




Flood Damage cases

The City of New York had a 106 year old water main on Jerome Ave. and 177th Street that was tagged as having expired its useful life expectancy and should have been removed, or at a minimum should have been inspected and tested. It was neglected, though, and on August 27, 2011, it burst. 

When the water main broke, the water flooded the streets and the retail businesses on the street. Stores had all their merchandise ruined, and their businesses were shut down.

Very few of the stores in the neighborhood ended up being covered by insurance, despite the fact that most of them had some type of insurance.

At the meeting with the representatives of the City of New York, the business owners were told that they should have foreseen something like this, and purchased insurance for it.  How many people foresee that you are going to have a flood hit your premises, destroy all your inventory, in a business on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx?

A large number of the stores have banded together to commence lawsuits.