Wallace Edwin Durst (1882-1967)

This is a picture of my Great Grandfather, John Hilbert Durst's, family. 

gr fam


My Grandfather told me his ears were big because ears are designed to grow all your life, so you learn to listen. 

But as you can see his whole family had big ears from childhood.





My Grandfather Wallace Edwin Durst graduated from Georgetown Law School.  LLB, 1913, LLM, 1914












My Grandfather was captured in the Philippines during WWII and spent three years as a Prisoner of War in Bataan.  He was one of the oldest surviving officers of the Bataan Death March

A book was written about the experience by Irvin Alexander, my Grandfather's junior officer when they were captured.   Surviving Bataan and Beyond (Stackpole Books 1999).  

For some vignettes from that book about my Grandfather 's life during his three years as a Prisoner of War, click here. 

My Grandfather Wallace E. Durst was interested in family histories. He left behind loads of documents and 4 ft. x 8 ft. scrolls of family trees going back to the 1500s in Ireland.

































Johann Dorsch (1817-1847)

My 2d Great Grandfather, Johann Dorsch, and his wife Anna Marie Hilbert arrived from Bavaria in 1846, and settled in Cincinnatti, Ohio.  He died in 1847 in a cholera epidemic months after the birth of his only son, Johann Dorsch. 


John Hilbert Durst (1847-1922)

gr grJohann's name was changed to John Durst when he enlisted in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry at age 17.

This is a picture of my Great Grandfather, John Hilbert Durst, taken in Greenville, Mississippi in 1882.

Same guy, taken 1915.

gr gr 1913