Jeanne Mouledoux (1887-1923)grma

My Grandmother, Jeanne Mouledoux of New Orleans,died when my father was just 4 years old. 

grma w dad





My Dad at age 4, his sister Rita, 2, and their Mom.  His Mom died a few months after this photo was taken.

Because my Grandmother Mouledoux died when my Dad was only 4, we only know her from the writings between her and her husband. I have correspondence between my Grandfather and my Grandmother, as well as other writings of my Grandfather. It wouldn't be of interest to many people, but it was to me.

Pas Correspondence


I have a large extended family in New Orleans from my Grandmother, Jeanne Mouledoux. Here is a story passed down to me by my Grandfather about the New Orleans family history:

Entire Dumestre Family

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Edmond Pierre Mouledoux (1856-1904)

Father of Jean Mouledoux. His story is set forth above. He emigrated from France in 1884.

He married his first cousin, Blanche Ernestine Dumestre.

As a result, my sisters are also my 4th cousins. My children are also my 4th cousins once removed. Kathryn Blum, my 1st cousin, is also my 4th cousin.

Also, Jean-Marie Mouledoux and Marie Jeanne Dumestre were cousins, and they were parents of Edmond Pierre Mouledoux.

So I am also 7th cousins with my sisters. I am 1st cousin/4th cousin/7th cousin to Kathryn and Michael Blum.

Blanche Ernestine Dumestre (1862-1931)

Wife of Edmond Pierre Mouledoux.


Edmond Pierre Mouledoux's parents were:

Jean-Marie Mouledous (1812-1872) and Marie Jeanne Dumestre (1822-1880)

Father and Mother of Edmond Pierre Mouledoux. He was born in Leebret, Hautes Pyrenees, France.

She was born in Mazerolles, Hautes Pyrenees, France.

They were cousins. Alexis Dumestre (1836-1884) was the brother of Marie Jeanne Dumestre (1822-1880).


Alexis Dumestre (1836-1884) and Blanche Eulalie Bailly (1839-1887)

Father and Mother of Blanche Ernestine Dumestre.

His story is set forth in the Dumestre History above.

He was born in France, came to New Orleans, and died during a return trip to France.

They had 12 children.

One of the children, Marie Jeanne Dumestre (1796-1855) married Jean-Marie Mouledous (1812-1872). They were the parents of Edmond Pierre Mouledoux (1856-1904), above.


Alexis Dumestre's parents were:

Jean Baptiste Dumestre and Dominiquette Domenge Dazet

These are my 3rd Great Grandparents on my Grandmother's side.  They lived in France. They had 9 children.jean bapdominquette

















French Relatives

My cousin Alexis Dumestre, of Houston, Tx., went back to France and met a number of my French relatives. Here's the story:  

Alexis Dumestres Account of 1999 Visit to HP