Making Law for 25 years

           We have been helping make and teach the law on the areas of

  • products liability
  • evidence
  • trial practice
  • ladder and scaffold safety

for over 25 years.

Products Liability

          Our engineering and scientific consultants teach at the best universities in the world.

         After our lawsuits, manufacturers have redesigned many products to make them safer.


  •  press guards
  • interlocked guards
  • temperature limiters
  • construction equipment backup beepers
  • construction equipment rear view mirrors
  • safer fuel tanks
  • non-slip transmissions
  • perimeter guards
  • proximity detectors
  • safety belts
  • air bags
  • antilock brakes
  • backup video detectors
  • ladder "feet"
  • various safety warnings
  • dozens of other safety improvements.
          We are very active in litigating to improve and enforce safety practices.    

        This video shows a table saw with a safety feature which will prevent thousands of amputations in the future.

         We will sue until manufacturers use it, like we did with seat belts, airbags, interlocked machine guards, and other safety devices.

         By doing so, we hope to reduce the number of injuries suffered by clients such as those shown below :

Negligence Cases

         We have successfully handled everything from complex multidistrict cases involving thousands of clients, to simple bicycle accidents.

          We have represented clients in every one of these types of accidents, and more. 

         When a client is seriously injured, we will figure out how to help them.


Ladder and Scaffold Safety

          We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for

  • construction workers who fell from ladders or scaffolds, and
  • laborers with amputations caused by machinery.


The video below shows some of our future clients -

  • the ladders are not secured to the building
  • the workers have no safety belts



Quick Benefits

          In addition to recovering big money in a lawsuit, we get the client QUICK money from various kinds of insurance and governmental benefits.  

          We can get the client

We can also help the client secure a loan, based entirely upon the collateral of the lawsuit, where requested. 


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