New York State Disability Benefits

Who is Eligible:     Someone who is disabled by an OFF THE JOB injury or illness, and was employed for at least four consecutive weeks at the time of the injury or illness, or was unemployed for less than four weeks from the date the disability began,    

What are the Benefits: 

  1. Lost wages, to a maximum of $170 per week. Benefits are paid for a maximum of 26 weeks of disability during 52 consecutive weeks.  Benefits are paid every two weeks during the period of disability.
  2. Medical bills are NOT covered. 

NOTHING for pain and suffering.


  • File a claim using form DB-450.  The claim must be filed within 30 days after you become disabled, or you lose some benefits. 
  • Your health care provider must complete and sign the Health Care Providers Statement as proof of the disability. 


  • Disability benefits reduce any no fault insurance benefits the person is entitled to receive – whether a claim for disability benefits is made or not – so be sure and apply if you were disabled in a car accident.

Explanation of Benefits on Workers Compensation Board website:   Your Rights - Disability Benefits