In order for us to begin work for you, we must have the following documents, signed by you:


Initial Interview Form

The Initial Interview Form asks basic questions about your case. Provide what information you have. Even if you've already spoke to us, try and fill it out. It helps us be sure about the facts. If you have trouble filing out the form, don't worry about it, do what you can. Don't delay getting the Retainer in to us trying to get information for the Interview Form. We can get the information over the phone. Click here to get the form


A "Retainer" is the legal document which authorizes an attorney to work for you. Without a Retainer, an attorney cannot act for you.

Please call our Firm at (212) 964-1000 before sending in a Retainer. We must agree to being Retained, and will tell you which Retainer Form to send to us.

These are the Retainer Forms used by The Durst Law Firm, P.C. They are the Retainer Forms approved for use in personal injury case by the Office of Court Administration in New York and New Jersey.

Click on the link, and when the Form comes up, print it out, sign it and mail it to us, along with the Initial Interview Form.

A "Retainer Statement" then gets filed with the Office of Court Administration, reporting to the Court what the terms of the Retainer are.

Our Address:

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One Third (33 1/3 %) Retainer

This is the Retainer to sign if you were injured in an accident in New York State. In summary, it provides that the attorney fee is one-third of the net recovery, after deducting disbursements. So if you recover $100,000, and there are $1,000 in disbursements, the net recovery is $99,000. One-third of $99,000 is the attorney fee, so $33,000 goes to the attorney, $66,000 goes to the client.

If there is no recovery, there is no charge. Paying an attorney's fee is "contingent" on us winning the case.

This insures that attorneys only take good cases.

Medical Malpractice

This is the Retainer to sign if you were injured by a doctor or hospital's negligence.

New Jersey Retainer

This applies if the case must be filed in New Jersey.

Hourly Rate Retainer

A contingency Retainer can only be used in personal injury cases. In other cases, a hourly rate must be paid. The amount of the "up front" payment depends on the case, as does the hourly rate.

Authorization Forms

HIPAA Authorization

In order to obtain medical records, we must have a signed Authorization from the client. The HIPAA Authorization is the Form required to be submitted to medical providers. Sign it and return it with the Initial Interview Form and the Retainer Form.