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Andrew Bersin

Andrew Bersin graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1974, and

worked as a Assistant District Attorney for Kings County as Trial Attorney until 1987. 

In 1980, he was awarded Prosecutor of the Year in the Narcotics Bureau.  While in the Homicide Bureau, he tried 60 homicide cases. In 1987, he became trial counsel to a large personal injury firm.  He has been trying personal injury cases since.  He joined with John Durst in 1992, and they have been working together since. 

He has recovered many millions of dollars for personal injury victims, and likes working for the good guys, the victims, our clients.  He enjoys the battles in the courtroom.  Unlike many attorneys, he does not hesitate to take a case to verdict when insurance companies refuse to pay the client full value for an injury.











Andrew Bersin